10 Cinemas Most Unique and Interesting in the World

10 Cinemas Most Unique and Interesting in the World

1. 4DX, Seoul, South Korea 

It is the world's first 4D cinema that plays the movie box office.

And it became a cinema that is very unique and interesting because displaying live images, seats that move and sway as if being in the film, and also aromas appear according to the movie scene that is being played.

Unique and interestingly, you come to the cinema can be freely chosen to be one of the characters that will be played in the film. Then after selecting the characters continue to be connected to your shoes and as a result, you can feel what the characters were feeling !!! Wooow !!

2. Cine Thisio, Athens, Greece

If you go there you do not just watch the latest movies from all the box office, but you can also enjoy views of the Acropolis and Parthenon in the distance.

Come feel watching a movie with added natural scenery is amazing, especially at night.

3. The Alamo Drafthouse, Texas, USA

Theaters in Texas is quite unique and interesting because in this place classified has very strict regulations. whether the rules?

Children under 6 years old are not allowed to enter this area theaters.
Must not talk during the movie
There will be no ads that aired before movies
Should not turn on or activate the cell phone.

4. Cine de Chef, Seoul, South Korea

Once you consume food that has been provided, you can watch movies with quiet and comfortable especially the stomach is filled. In addition, it is also interesting that there was a chair there that have been designed and are provided with full privacy. Two adjacent loveseat and one table to put drinks.

5. Castro Theatre, San Francisco, USA

In San Francisco, there is an old building that is ready to be used as a cinema. Castro Theatre opened in 1922 and is the remainder of his time building that is still in operation today.

The theater space that is really like a theater would invite you to watch the movie with the sensation of being in the theater. The cover is a red velvet curtain, like a curtain in the theater.

Near the screen also has two small balconies are normally found in the theater in general, and here you will feel the sensation of modern and classic at the same place.

6. Uplink X, Tokyo, Japan

Uplink X is the smallest cinema in Japan, with a capacity of 40 seats. An interesting feature highlighted is the seat that can be moved around the room, making the experience of watching films more interactive and social.

7. Prasads, Hyderabad, India

These Hyderabad in which there is an IMAX cinema screen which is the largest 3D screen in the world. Prasads stood since 2003, with a size of 72x92 foot movie theater, and received more than 1,500 calls each day via the telephone booking. Grossing films were screened in IMAX 3D Prasads so far is "Avatar" and "Harry Potter".

8. Secret Cinema, Worldwide, London

Secret Cinema is cinema in the London area featuring films of mystery. In each broadcast, not the location indicated impressions. After buying a ticket, has notified the day when the delivery location has been determined and what the film will be screened. And, his place will be in accordance with the film aired.

 9. Raj Mandir Theatre, Jaipur, India

The interior of the building with Art Deco consists of waves and asymmetrical shape.

Cinema opened in 1976 and can accommodate approximately 1,200 seats.

10. Kino International, Berlin, Germany

Kino Intertasional brings us back to the period of socialist Germany. Kino Intertasional offers art-house programs, festivals, and parties. Located along Karl Marx Allee, where entire blocks of buildings are heritage and protected by Denkmalschutz in Berlin.

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools of the World

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools of the World

10. CMC Vellore College of Nursing

9. School of Nursing and Midwifery, Curtin University

8. Duke University School of Nursing

7. Yale School of Nursing

6. School of Nursing, University of Washington

5. School of Nursing, University of Michigan

4. University of Edinburgh Nursing School

3. School of Nursing Johns Hopkins University

2. School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work at University of Manchester

1. School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania

Source : http://topyaps.com/top-10-best-nursing-schools-of-the-world

Top 10 Canadian Sexiest Actresses In 2015

Top 10 Canadian Sexiest Actresses In 2015

1. Rachel McAdams

2. Malin Akerman

3. Sarah Gadon

4. Cassie Steele

5. Cobie Smulders

6. Kristin Kreuk

7. Jessica Lowndes

8. Evangeline Lilly

9. Laura Vandervoort

10. Serinda Swan

10 Hollywood Sexiest Actresses In 2015

1. Kirsten Dunst 

2. Jennifer Aniston

3. Kristen Stewart

4. Marion Cotillard

5. Katherine Heigl

6. Blake Lively

7. Jennifer Connelly

8. Olivia Wilde 

9. Natalie Portman
10. Charlize Theron

List of Nursing Care Plan for Pleural Effusion

Nursing Care Plan for Pleural Effusion

Nursing Diagnosis for for Pleural Effusion : Activity Intolerance related to fatigue ( poor physical state ) .

Goal : Patient is able to carry out activities as optimal as possible .

Outcomes :
Fulfillment optimal activity , the patient looks fresh and vibrant , personal hygiene patient enough .

Interventionas :

1 Evaluation of the patient's response during the move , record the complaint and the level of activity and a change in vital signs .
Raasional : Knowing the extent of the patient's ability to perform the activity .

2 Help the patient to meet their needs .
Rationale : Encourage the patient to practice actively and independently .

3 Monitor the patient while doing the activity .
Rationale : Provide education to patients and families in the subsequent treatment .

4 Involve the family in patient care .
Rationale : a sign of the patient's weakness has not been able to move fully .

5. Explain to patients about the need for a balance between activity and rest .
Rationale : Rest need to lower the metabolic requirements .

6 Motivation and monitor the patient to perform activities gradually.
Rational : regular activity and gradually will help restore the patient to normal conditions .

Source : http://list-nanda-nursing-diagnosis.blogspot.com/2014/09/activity-intolerance-nursing-care-plan.html

Disturbed Sleep Pattern - NCP for Pleural Effusion

Nursing Care Plan for Pleural Effusion

The gravity of the pleural effusion is determined by the amount of fluid, the rate of formation fluids and pressure levels in the lungs. If large effusion, lung expansion will be disrupted and the patient will experience shortness of breath, chest pain, non- productive cough even lung collapse will occur and there will consequently respiratory failure.

The conditions mentioned above are not uncommon cause of death in patients with pleural effusion. Various nursing problems arising in actual and potential problems due to pleural effusion include Disturbed Sleep Pattern, Impaired Gas Exchange, Fear / Anxiety and others .

Nursing Diagnosis : Disturbed Sleep Pattern

Goal : There was no disruption of sleep patterns and rest requirements are met.

Outomes : The patient will :

  • no shortness of breath,
  • can sleep comfortably without experiencing interference,
  • can easily fall asleep within 30-40 minutes and the patient rest or sleep within 3-8 hours per day.

Interventions and Rational :

1. Give the position as comfortable as possible for patients.
Rasonal : semi-Fowler's position or a pleasant position will facilitate the circulation of O2 and CO2.

2. Determine the motivation habits before bedtime in accordance with the habits of patients before treatment.
Rationale : Changing patterns of habitual bedtime will disrupt the sleep process.

3. Instruct the patient to relaxation exercises before bed.
Rationale : Relaxation can help overcome sleep disorders.

4. Observation cardinal symptoms and the patient's general condition.
Rationale : Observations cardinal symptoms in order to determine changes in the patient's condition.

Fear / Anxiety - Nursing Care Plan for Pleural Effusion

Pleural effusion is a clinical manifestation that can be found in approximately 50-60 % of patients with primary pleural malignancies. While 95 % of cases of mesothelioma ( pleural primary malignancies) can be accompanied by pleural effusion and approximately 50 % of breast cancer patients will eventually experience pleural effusion.

Incidence of pleural effusion is quite high especially in patients with malignancy if not administered properly it will reduce the quality of life of sufferers and increasingly burdensome condition of the patient. The lungs are part of the respiratory system is very important, in this organ disorders such as pleural effusion can cause respiratory problems and even can affect the cardiovascular system that can work ended in death.

Improving the condition of patients with pleural effusions requiring appropriate treatment by health workers, including nurses as providers of nursing care in hospitals. For that, the nurse needs to learn about the concept and management of pleural effusions and nursing care in patients with pleural effusion. So in this paper will discuss how the nursing care of patients with pleural effusion.

Nursing Diagnosis for Pleural Effusion : Fear / Anxiety related to the threat of death imaginable (inability to breathe).

Goal : Patient is able to understand and accept the situation so there is no anxiety.

Outcomes : The patient will :

  • Being able to breathe normally , able to adapt to the situation.
  • Non-verbal responses seem more relaxed and at ease, breath regularly with a frequency 16-24 times per minute, pulse 80-90 times per minute.

Interventions and Rationale :

1. Provide a pleasant position for the patient. Usually with a semi -Fowler. Explain about the disease and diagnosis.
Rationale: The patient is able to receive and understand the circumstances that might be used in the treatment of co-operation.

2. Teach relaxation techniques.
Rationale : Reduce muscle tension and anxiety.

3. Help in finding the source of the existing coping.
Rationale : The use of existing sources of coping constructively very helpful in dealing with stress.

4. Maintain a trusting relationship between the nurse and the patient.
Rationale : The relationship of mutual trust helps the therapeutic process.

5. Assess the factors that cause anxiety.
Rationale : Appropriate action is required to deal with the problems facing clients and build trust in reducing anxiety.

6. Help the patient recognize and acknowledge a sense of anxiety.
Rational : Anxiety is an emotion that effect when they are well identified, disturbing feelings be known.


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